Food and clean water for the Wayuu people

 T-302 OF 2017


According to the Constitutional Court, the situation faced by the Wayuu children in terms of food, health and clean water is indeed dramatic, that´s why the Court declared an unconstitutional state of affairs with regard to the persistent violations of those fundamental rights. The Seventh Review Chamber, after a detailed review, determined that “there is a disregard for the constitutional minimums applicable to the public policies of the national government, the Guajira province, and the municipalities of Riohacha, Manaure, Maicao and Uribia, and the indigenous authorities of these municipalities.” To overcome the unconstitutional state of affairs, the Court also noted that the indicators of under-five mortality rate through malnutrition in the Guajira province must reach the goal established by National Plan for Food Security and Nutrition, or at least the average level of the country. The Court also said that the indicators of global, chronic and acute malnutrition suffered by these children must be exceeded.

Other Decision. T. 359 / 2018, T-415 de 2018.