Law graduate of the University of Caldas (1987) specialized in Criminal Law (1994). Justice Reyes attended lessons on Criminal Law and Human Rights at the University of Salamanca between 1994 and 1995 and is still pending for his Diploma. Holds a Diploma for short courses on Legal Hermeneutics from the University of Rosario and the University of Manizales and a Diploma on Fundamental rights from Universidad Externado. Also graduated from the legal training course “A proposal of justice for the Twenty-First Century” dictated by the Judicial School of Spain (Barcelona, 2010).

He has served as Criminal Judge in the cities of Anserma and Manizales, Circuit Criminal Judge in Aguadas and Riosucio, Criminal Court Attorney before the Superior Court of Manizales (1998-2001), Deputy Attorney for Public Morality (2001 to 2004) and Justice of the Criminal Chamber of the Superior Court of Manizales (2004-2007). He has been a lecturer of criminal and constitutional law at the University of Caldas, disciplinary law at Universidad Externado (since 2002), as well as postgraduate professor at the Universities of Norte, Santo Tomás and Caldas, among others.

He has published various articles on criminal and constitutional law and the role of the judge in several national journals. Justice Reyes is author of the book “Dos estudios de derecho sancionador estatal ‘two studies on sanctionatory law.’ ” and co-author of the book “Garantismo y derecho penal ‘garantism and criminal law.’ ”